STLCC volleyball collects first victory under Arbini

STLCC volleyball collects first victory under Arbini

Though it came amidst a weekend that saw the Archers post a 1-3 record, the first volleyball victory in three years was no less sweet for head coach Chris Arbini.

Arbini, who has revitalized a program that went on a year-long hiatus in 2014, was encouraged by the team’s performance during a three-set loss to open the regular season against McKendree University’s junior varsity. However, to notch the team’s first win of the season—which was also the program’s first victory since 2012—gave Arbini and his team a bit of tangible evidence to support that optimism. The win took five sets against Southeastern Community College.

“It was a big relief, a lot of excitement,” Arbini said. “It was a battle the entire way. Some things went our way, some things didn’t, and obviously, in the end it ended up being a success for us. I was excited. They have moved forward so fast. After our match against McKendree, we went back into the gym to work on some things. We immediately made adjustments, and we put those adjustments into play and into practice, and it made a huge difference.”

Arbini also emphasized the benefit of playing five matches within a four-day span, a stretch of games that figures to allow the Archers to hasten their rate of progress.

“It lets us really work together a lot and early on,” Arbini said. “We start to see how hitters are connecting with our setter, how our defense works together in certain rotations, and as coaches, we can go back and make adjustments. The fact that we got to play together a lot over the past few days, really gave us a lot to look at in terms of stats and game film. We’ll go back into the gym this week and continue making progress.”